oscomp.hu is 15 years old, my favorite machines are 30 years old

Today oscomp.hu is fifteen years old. Though it has not been resurrected since it's fifth birthday, but it also did not really died: it is still updated sometimes. And as then, today i also hold the birthday of the two machines which had bound to me best during the past thirty years...as they are thirty years old now.

Of the brasilian NES clone SuperCom 72 i don't even remotely know the exact date, only the year. By the way, this console was the one which replaced the - since returned - Atari VCS clone VCC sometime on the autumn of 1991.

On the picture, our entire game library is visible. There is 500 game in the machine (which is roughly only 12, but with hacks), we have an 82 in 1 cartridge, the World Cup wherewith we had barely played and what we had replaced to the Quantum. (This is not our original cartridge, we just bought it again.)
The machine and the gamepad is "modded": the power supply and the reset has been brought out via two RCA-s and the gamepad has two switches wherewith the machine can be reseted or powered down, so we don't have to get out from the chair if we want to switch the game.

Of the Amiga500+ i know at least the week when it was manufactured, which is the 42th. Which is actually this week this year, but in 1991 it was during october 14 to 20, so it's only almost at the same time as the site.
The current config: 3.1 and 1.3 KickStarts, piggybacked 2 MB Chip RAM, ACA-500, with a 50 MHz Blizzard 1230 IV, with 68882 and 64 MB RAM, and also with a 512 and a 256 MB CF card.

Originally it had a Harms Computertechnik Professional 030 Plus 500 with a 680EC30 running on 14 MHz (i still have it but i don't know where), then with a full 68030, 4 MB ZIP RAM and a 68882 running on (maybe) 20 MHz...

...and a Roctec RocHard 500, inside with 4 MB SIMM RAM and a 40 MB HDD of unknown manufacturer. The RAM has been upgraded to 8 MB later and the HDD has been replaced to a 240 MB Western Digital (more precisely for awhile both HDD was inside by the names ROCHARD0 and DIGITAL0), this served for roughly 20 years, but i still have it, i just switched this too to a larger one...i don't know the size or the manufacturer (perhaps 2 GB Maxtor or Samsung; update: there was that too, but now it is a 4 GB KingFast SSD) and i will not disassemble it or plug it into the machine. :P

The turbocard was replaced at the end of 2011 with a Daniel Instruments Stormbringer H530 card, with 8 MB ZIP RAM and a 68030/68882 running on 50 MHz.

Originally i have no idea which KickStart the machine had (i guess 2.04), then a two-chipped 2.05 and a 1.3 was put in, with a Cornelius KickStart switcher (i still have it, but i don't know where, so i cannot make a photo, but when i put the Stormbringer in, i've made a picture of it, that is under the link above), then i bought a 3.1 KickStart, which is however one-chipped, so i replaced the Cornelius to the AmigaKit switcher, which however switched by long reset, whihc resulted in even a more rough GURU has switched between the KickStarts and my teeth were falling out, thus finally i've crafted a self-made one. (Warning: only for those with strong nerves!)

Then unfortunately both the Stormbringer and the Harms stopped working, the latter did so, when it was lying in the cupboard; then the ACA500 was obtained and an 1200 card Blizzard was plugged into. Since then this is the setup. (At now i don't know if the cards died or something between the cards and the machine went wrong; they should be put into another A500, but there is no another one. Replacing the capacitors did not helped.)

Well, i think, that's it. Let the next 15 and 30 years come.
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