Arok Party mediapress

Between 2012. júly 6. and 8. Arok Party, the annual meeting of 8bit enthusiasts will held again on Ajka. We await the lovers of retrocomputers, the representatives of the Commodore 64, C= Plus4, Atari and Spectrum demoscene and of course the curious ones too.

We hope that, the current meeting won't be the last, however we can only guarantee the sequel if the official maya apocalypse will not happen, so it is the best if you do skip the guesswork and we'll meet at Arok this year!

Schedule is still formed, we have grandiose plans for programs, so it is worth to plan for the meeting, to watch the related sites and to follow us on Facebook.
Date: 2012.03.14. 01:09:18 #



- Super Boy 3 (Sony MSX)
- Super Boy II. (Sony MSX)
- Super Boy I. (Sony MSX)
Date: 2012.01.28. 12:49:17 #



- Space Chase: Showdown in Orbit! (MS-DOS)
- Space Chase - Part Two: Fortress of Doom (MS-DOS)
- Space Chase - Part One: City Under Siege (MS-DOS)
- Super Boy 4 (SEGA Master System)
- Super Boy II (SEGA Master System)
- Toto World 3 (SEGA Master System)
Date: 2012.01.26. 20:01:42 #



- Fury of the Furries Save Editor (Commodore Amiga)
Date: 2011.12.16. 20:49:04 #



- Megaman 2 Boss Weakness Chart (Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom)
- Megaman 1 Boss Weakness Chart (Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom)
- Think Twice HD version (Commodore Amiga)
Date: 2011.12.14. 20:54:48 #