Amiga KickStart, Workbench removed

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From: Takeo Sato []
Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2015 9:11 PM
Subject: Software piracy on (


We received a piracy report for these files:

Among others, these files are listed at:

Under penalty of perjury I declare that the files are a pirate copy of our
copyrighted Amiga ROM/OS software ("Kickstart", "Workbench"). US copyrights
that are infringed upon include V3604D715 and V3626D795.

The pages do not seem to have valid contact information, however the host IP
( appears to belong to your organization.

I trust that this is against your policies and that the infringing content
will be removed promptly.

Thank you.


Takeo Sato
Cloanto Italia srl
I have been removed the entries.

However i would like to make a remark, that if Cloanto would write a simple warn into our guestbook, about deleting them, i would done it without a word; our disclaimer contains that, that we have no info about what upload can damage whatever rights of anyone - that's it, the abandonware is a grey zone, the legal status of a certain content is ambiguous; so, we need to be warned if such legal damage happens.
But instead this, they tried to scare T-hosting (who hosts the page for gratis) with legal threats, because someone must feed the employed lawyers; i'm sure that a horrible amount of economial damage occurs, if a 30 years old computer's software can be downloaded for free, or at least enough to use a fiscal, armed to the teeth.

And of course we thank to that unnamed rat, who reported us.

Oh, and we wish happy music-listening to Cloanto with the downloaded - copyrighted programcode containing - C64 game music...
Date: 2015.03.07. 02:17:55 #



- PassVault 32 (Linux)
- PassVault 64 (Linux)
Date: 2015.02.01. 12:06:45 #



- Dune 2 Scenario Editor (1.03 => 2.00)
Date: 2015.01.14. 23:54:56 #

500000, 3000

On 2014.12.31. at 19:57:24 the 500 000th downloader arrived from the Netherlands and took an Amiga Workbench 3.1 diskpack.
It only took 2992 day to reach this amount of downloads. You can figure out from this, that the page will be 3000 days old in two days. Which means the site will be older than one and a half decade, until it'll get the 1 000 000th download... :P

Still, thanks for visiting. (And download other things already than DOS games!)


- Megaman 2 Boss Weakness Chart (Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom)
Date: 2015.01.06. 15:53:17 #



- Wav28SVX MorphOS PowerPC (MorphOS) v2.0.0 => v2.0.1
- Wav28SVX Linux PowerPC (Linux) v2.0.0 => v2.0.1
- Wav28SVX Amiga 68020 + 68881 (Commodore Amiga) v2.0.0 => v2.0.1
- Wav28SVX Amiga 68020 (Commodore Amiga) v2.0.0 => v2.0.1
- Wav28SVX Amiga 68000 (Commodore Amiga) v2.0.0 => v2.0.1
- Wav28SVX Linux AMD64 (Linux) v2.0.0 => v2.0.1
- Wav28SVX Linux i386 (Linux) v2.0.0 => v2.0.1
Date: 2014.07.13. 21:13:03 #