Bil Geec Anti-Fan Club

Computer'll never replace the human idiotism. Except if you install a Winsux on it.

This picture is from He snap his fingers at us, isn't he? :)

This is a fun page(and some user programs).

To prevent the misunderstandings: Pictures isn't our draws.

Downloadable programs are free. If someone wants to sell it then he will suck it.

We have only two member here: kemi, and me (TCH), so if someone doesn't like it cuz of the quality then think about it.

And if someone doesn't like it cuz he is a Windows or Bilgeec fan then (Xenzord)

Last update:2015.01.15.
BGAFC_DE v2.00 is uploaded.

Old news


MutantleG's new forum.

The late MutantleG page's forum.

A very good site, but it is hybernated too.

saxus' blog.

DOSGames. Tons of DOS games can be downloaded from here.

Anti-Roller Club, the Anti sleng and anti media site by the creators of OWE.

Hungarian IG2 homepage by IG fans and not the Digital Reality. (Logo by me :) )

Gabesz's site with IG2 tips and others.

UHU fansite, from where, the opinion about bilgeec, couldn stay out.

Anti-bill site with the standard things.

Warezsite of DJ. Pety

Flood3r's page wich contains our generation's childhood cartoons. Retro Rulez, Respect.

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