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Distributions not listed on Linux distributions without systemd due to EOL / dormant status / Other


discontinued distributions

unconfirmed / unmaintained rolling

  • DeLi(cate) Linux (legacy hardware) linux kernel 2.4 is unmaintained, overrun with spam defunct
  • Dynebolic geared toward users engaged in multimedia production ~~ based on EOL debian "wheezy" defunct
  • Elive Linux (2)(3)(aka Enlightenment live CD) sysV init; Enlightenment WM; i486 ~~ 2018-12-23 release still based on EOL debian "wheezy"
  • Free of Boxes live-only image (based on Debian 9) XFCE desktop; subsequent to isos posted to sourceforge in 2017, no further activity defunct
  • GNUinos a Libre distribution; openbox wm; amd64, i686 (based on Devuan) project page disclaims: "current state of Gnuinos is ALPHA2 meaning not ready for production")
  • Kwort Linux (based on CRUX) BSD-style initscripts; downloads page is 403Forbidden; no!topic/kwort-linux mailing list activity defunct
  • TRIOS Mia OpenRC/ZFS rolling release; (based on Debian Jessie) OpenRC init; project's site is gone defunct
  • Vine Linux (Jan2018 release of a longstanding Japanese-centric project, currently listed on MainPage) init: upstart (ref: "Maintain upstart, move to eudev (Measures until future systemd transition")

current / latest release uses systemd

  • Amazon Linux AMI ~~ ref: ~~ version 2 now includes systemd service and systems manager
  • ArchBang (current release uses systemd init) openbox WM, uses JACK instead of PulseAudio
  • Endian Firewall (EFW Community Edition) based on RHEL. Is the new EFWCommunity release systemd-free?
  • OpenELEC ("OpenELEC 4.0 switched its init system to systemd")
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition version 3 uses systemd, version 2(EOL 2019-01-01) uses SysV
  • SystemRescueCd (system rescue disk, previously built on Gentoo/OpenRC, rebased on Arch Linux/systemd in version 6.0.0, after which it no longer fits on a CD)

See also Debian derivatives which are now systemd encumbered

alpha status projects / respin projects

A "respin" announced via forum thread, with no freestanding website, no self-maintained repository (or an unsupported iso uploaded to sourceforge) is unrecognizable as a serious project, let alone a distinct "Operating System".

  • Alien-OS MNML (based on Devuan) Live CD; openbox WM ~~ no docs, no support contact, no activity since the 2017 announcement
  • Alfheim Linux (based on Arch Linux) OpenRC init, Openbox; beta status (not yet viable) as of Jan 2018... nor 2019 defunct
  • ArchivistaBox AVMultimedia (based on Devuan) RAM-based Linux distribution for managing digital content. No activity since Feb 2018 defunct
  • CloverOS (a Stage 4 Gentoo overlay) OpenRC; FVWM or, at boot, install and load any DE/WM via ~/.bash_profile
  • CROWZ (based on Devuan) Fluxbox, Openbox, JWM ref:no end user support, just respin isos posted to
  • FigOS (aka Refractapup)(based on Refracta) ~~ no end user support, no activity after posting iso image to in 2016 defunct
  • GaryOS (2) Based on Funtoo/Gentoo; x86 platforms (64-bit and 32-bit)
  • Good Life Linux (based on Devuan) ~~ respin isos posted to sourceforge; No end user support/discussion. No activity since 2017 defunct
  • LinuxBBQ project with multiple niche releases, highlighting various lesser-known window managers. Last seen 2017;domain expired. defunct
  • Lombix SysV init; LFS source compiled; eack pkg in its own directory (not FHS); no initramfs, no PAM; fluxbox wm
  • MiyoLinux (based on Devuan) Openbox or i3 window manager; no end user support defunct
  • Nelum-Dev1 (based on Devuan) Openbox, XFCE, or MATE desktop. No response to support inquiries during past year defunct
  • PostX (based on Debian 8 "Jessie") OpenRC; openbox wm. An interesting respin, but not recognizable as a distinct "FOSS operating system" defunct
  • Star Linux (based on Devuan) ships XFCE, Fluxbox, Openbox, Jwm, i3. ref: ~~ no dev contact info, no end user support, just iso images posted to sourceforge.
  • VeGNUli (2)(3) forum(based on Devuan) the 1.X series uses sysV init

self-described as "just a project"

  • PrRescue (Gentoo-based) rescue cd supporting nilfs2 and btrfs; architectures: i686, amd64 ref: "prrescue was created in my spare time for my own use !"
  • Spark Linux (sinit init) Arch Linux without systemd, to be appended into existing pacman; no ISO distro available. ref: "a personal project made to fit my personal tastes. I do not promise to provide support to you."
  • Vuu-Do Linux (based on Devuan) Openbox or MATE desktop its dev has stated: "Vuu-do is not a distro. It is a project, a user re-spin. It is not really suitable to be widely distributed"
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