Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've downloaded a game/program, but it does not runs under windows, when I start it.
A: These stuffs are made for retrocomputers and not winsuxx. (Except for one-two freeware stuff.) Use the emulators, wich are made for these platforms.

Q: I've downloaded a game/program, but the file extension is 7z.
A: Download WinRAR and extract it.

Q: I am looking for a game/program, but cannot find on the site.
A: The search function can search by name, author, release, platform, category and starting letter. If it is really not on the site then write to the guestbook and we will upload it. (If we have it. :P)

Q: I've downloaded a game/program for Amiga, but cannot run it.
A: We always append a config file for the Amiga games/programs (you can find it in the downloaded file), wich should be copied to the WinUAE\Configurations directory. If still not run then say it in the guestbook.

Q: The downloaded game/program is not working.
A: The uploaded games/programs are all tested, without exception, so they should be working. Try it out with another emulator.

Q: What can be uploaded to the page?
A: Anything wich matches the following conditions:
- The platform (machine) wich runs it are from the 20th century (pre-dates 2000).
- It is not bigger than 64 MegaBytes.
- It is not actively protected by law.