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Date: 2012.08.15. 12:04:41 #

Viruses purged, the WB disks were clean.

Some days ago on amigaspirit.hu, it was complained, that the Amiga stuffs on oscomp have viruses. (More accurately they highlighted the WB disks.)

I've checked it, it was true, there were some infected stuff, fortunately it was only the "HappyNewYear'96" virus wich is based on the descriptions (any my experience) does not do anything but multiplying, like the public debt. But the WB disks were clean.
And i've found one "Saddam" virus on one of the disk, but it was rendered harmless, because it was renamed (and from KickStart 1.3 it is disfunctional anyway), independently of this, i've got rid from it.

I've checked my machine too, a lot of programs were infected and it seems to they were infected since decades (see later).

Then i got down the Amiga stuffs from oscomp and started Virus Z.
The result:

It can be seen in the first row the renamed - and rendered harmless by this - Saddam virus in the Wingsfur.adf file, and the rest are those ones wich were infected on oscomp by the HNY96. (The number on the beginning of the directory is the oscomp ID.)
The errors are unconcerned, some files inside the ADF-s had checksum errors, but they were data files, without any exception. Of course the Virus Z could not open Simon.hdf, but after it i mounted it manually and it was clean.

All of the HNY96 infected stuffs were on my machine, more accurately they got infected there and they got uploaded onto oscomp this way. Every other Amiga stuff - wich came from Amiga CD-s, torrent or webpages - were clean, including the WorkBench disks.
Furthermore, the most of the infected stuff were on my machine recently, except for two games: Tech and UFO wich resided on it since the middle of nineties.
So it can be guessed, how and when the HNY96 got into my machine.

The main suspect is the UFO, since i got that on the christmas of 1995, i've still got the diskbox, even if it is in a battle-weary status. :P

The other suspect is Tech, because it is a native resident on my machine too and because not the game itself was infected, but the hungarian "intro".
The "Show" program can be seen on the first picture, is a pure IFF displayer wich was called by the startup-sequence of Tech, to display this picture:

This is not part of the game, the hungarian distributor put this into it at that time.

Of course there can be a third option, that means, the virus arrived from a third place and these two programs are just victims, and then when i upgraded to 3.1 and reinstalled the system, they came back from the backup - still infected. :P

I think that's it.
Thanks for the involved ones, and of course i apologize; this was very delicious, even if the virus proved to be harmless and only infected a few programs. I learned from this, from now i'll check every would-be-uploaded Amiga program with Virus Z. (By the way, Virus Z with all the required stuff, can be downloaded from here: http://oscomp.hu/index.php?details/Virus_Z_III_Amiga_1427)

But since the WB disks on oscomp were clean, the infected ones could not be downloaded from here, it must came from elsewhere. And i think if their Amiga behaves weird, that cannot be the HNY96, since according to the story, the virus got into my system one and a half decade ago and i did not noticed - if they did not warn me, maybe i would never noticed, it did not do anything.

It must be another virus, from another place, not from here.
Date: 2012.08.02. 21:22:35 #

Arok Party mediapress

Between 2012. júly 6. and 8. Arok Party, the annual meeting of 8bit enthusiasts will held again on Ajka. We await the lovers of retrocomputers, the representatives of the Commodore 64, C= Plus4, Atari and Spectrum demoscene and of course the curious ones too.

We hope that, the current meeting won't be the last, however we can only guarantee the sequel if the official maya apocalypse will not happen, so it is the best if you do skip the guesswork and we'll meet at Arok this year!

Schedule is still formed, we have grandiose plans for programs, so it is worth to plan for the meeting, to watch the related sites and to follow us on Facebook.

Date: 2012.03.14. 01:09:18 #



- Super Boy 3 (Sony MSX)
- Super Boy II. (Sony MSX)
- Super Boy I. (Sony MSX)
Date: 2012.01.28. 12:49:17 #



- Space Chase: Showdown in Orbit! (MS-DOS)
- Space Chase - Part Two: Fortress of Doom (MS-DOS)
- Space Chase - Part One: City Under Siege (MS-DOS)
- Super Boy 4 (SEGA Master System)
- Super Boy II (SEGA Master System)
- Toto World 3 (SEGA Master System)
Date: 2012.01.26. 20:01:42 #